Best & Worst Fine Line Tattoo Placements (Full Guide)

Fine Line Tattoo Placements

Are you thinking of getting a fine line tattoo, but aren’t yet 100% sure where it’ll look best?

In this article we’re going to take a look at the 12 most popular placements for fine line tattoos so you can get all the inspo needed for your next piece!

Let’s begin!

In What Places Do Fine Line Tattoos Look Their Best?

At the end of the day, tattoo placement is a highly personal thing, and there’s really no wrong answers.

But hopefully this article gives you that little bit of inspo needed to make a final decision as to where you’ll position the tattoo.

Fine Line Forearm Tattoos

As with all tattoos, the forearms are an incredibly popular location for tattoos of all sizes.

Fine Line Forearm Tattoo

Both the inner forearm as well as outer forearms make great canvases for anyone who wants something in a highly visible location.

Fine Line Sternum Tattoos

Sternum fine line tattoos have become incredibly popular in recent years.

The vast majority of tattoos we do around the sternum happen to be fine line also!

Fine Line Tattoo Sternum Placement

Fine line underboob tattoos, particularly in the ornamental style have soared in popularity lately as well.

Fine Line Sleeve Tattoos

Whether you’re looking for a half or full sleeve, fine line tattoos are a decent option, but they also make fantastic gap fillers.

Fine Line Sleeve Tattoo Placement

An entire sleeve done using the fine line technique is actually pretty rare to see, so it’s a a great way to stand out while maintaining that subtle look.

Fine Line Hand Tattoos

The hands and fingers are also a great location for fine line tattoos, especially if you’re looking to maintain that feminine look.

Fine Line Hand Tattoo Placement

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the hands, writsts, and fingers!

Fine Line Wrist Tattoos

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle than an inner/outer forearm placement, the wrist is a fantastic option when it comes to fine line tattoos.

Fine Line Wrist Tattoo Placement

Small and meaningful tattoos as well as micro tattoos are ideal for this location.

Floral motifs are also super popular on the wrists.

Fine Line Tattoos Behind The Ear

Behind the ear is another very bold placement that works great for fine line tattoos.

Corey Tattoo Artist Fine Line Snake Behind Ear Tattoo

If you want something that’s highly visible, but not too overbearing, behind the neck is a great option!

Fine Line Face Tattoos

Small and meaningful fine line tattoos also work well on the face.

Fine Line Face Tattoo Placement

While face tattoos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s an important placement for the ink lovers among us!

Fine Line Shoulder Tattoos

Fine line tattoos always look exceptionally good on the shoulder, particularly for larger floral designs.

Fine Line Shoulder Tattoo

Fine Line Neck Tattoos

Fine line tattoos work really well on the side of the neck, but also on the back!

Fine Line Neck Tattoo Placement

Fine Line Thigh Tattoos

The thigh is also another great placement for fine line tattoos, especially slightly larger designs.

Thor Tattoo Artist Fine Line Realism Lion With Crown Flowers Leg Thigh Tattoo

The thigh is a decent option for anyone who’d prefer to keep their upper body tattoo-free (for work purposes, for example).

Fine Line Rib Tattoos

Many people fear getting their ribs tattooed because it’s a notoriously painful spot, but you can expect less pain with the fine line technique as the needle is thinner and less ink is involved.

Fine Line Rib Tattoo

What Places Should You Avoid?

Honestly, I can’t think of a single location that I’d say is off limits for fine line tattoos.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences and if you want to get the soles of your feet tattooed, you do you!

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