Your Complete Guide To Full Sleeve Tattoos

Full Sleeve Tattoos

In the world of body ink, the full sleeve tattoo is quickly growing in popularity. As a design that typically extends from the wrist to the shoulder, sleeves can provide ample space for an exciting new piece. 

Getting a full arm tattoo can require a little more thought than other placements, and you want to make sure you have considered all the variables before you commit. We have compiled a list of everything you need to know about full sleeve tattoos to help inspire you.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Full Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoos are a huge investment, so it is important to stick with quality artists. Your studio will price your tattoo based on a number of factors such as the size of your arm, the level of detail involved in your design, whether you’re using colour and how much time it will take.

Most full arm tattoo designs take between 10 to 15 hours to complete, but this can vary depending on the complexity of the piece. Best practice dictates that your artist divides this time into multiple sessions, which will help them maintain focus and allow your arm to heal properly in between sessions. 

Choose The Right Artist

A full sleeve will occupy some of your skin’s best real estate, so it’s worth finding a trusted artist to make sure you are satisfied with the end result. Every artist has their own style and speciality, so you should check out their portfolio to see whether they offer full sleeve tattoos, black and grey designs, minimalistic shapes, or even full arm tattoos for females. A great artist will have a collaborative process and work with you to gradually develop a design you love. 

Consider Your Design Carefully

One of the most exciting aspects of full arm tattoo designs is getting to create a piece you’re proud of. Consider picking a theme to ensure every element of your tattoo works cohesively together. It can help to choose a few symbols or motifs and bring these to your artist, who is trained to combine these into a beautiful, fully-fledged piece.

CB Ink Offers A Range Of Full Sleeve Styles

When you are planning a tattoo, there is a seemingly infinite number of styles to choose from. We have compiled some of our most popular women’s and men’s full sleeve tattoo styles to help inspire your next design.

Realism Full Sleeve Tattoo

realism sleeve lets you bring photos to life with ink. This intricate style works well with portraits and animals, and can be surreal in its level of detail. No matter how ambitious your ideas seem at first glance, our CB Ink realism tattooist Jake, will help you plan and refine your realism sleeve tattoo over several sittings. Looking to go even darker than regular black and grey? Horror realism is a great option for fulfilling all your twisted tattoo dreams.

Realism Full Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Full Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese full arm tattoo is one of the oldest and most distinctive styles available. From geishas and flowers, to snakes and samurais – or even a full sleeve dragon tattoo – these striking designs are perfect if you’re seeking a piece with detailed shading and linework. At CB Ink, Rhys, our Japanese tattooist can guide your understanding of the cultural elements to ensure your final design is meaningful and unique to you.

Rhys Tattoo Artist Japanese Koi Fish Elbow Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Colour Sleeve Tattoo

Full colour sleeve tattoos are often highly detailed, which can translate to a more involved working process. However, if you’re looking for something unique, these bright hues and dazzling tones can make your design popSince colour can be tricky to get right, it is important to find an artist that understands how to make the ink look great on your skin. CB Ink’s colour realism tattooists, Paul and Geoff, have many years of colour experience and can work with you to develop a range of beautiful colour sleeve tattoo ideas

Colour Full Sleeve Tattoo

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