Men’s Back Tattoos

Back Tattoos For Men

We all know how it works here in Queensland. As soon as the sun is out, it’s time for the boys to get their shirts off and hit the beach.

Curious how you can make yourself stand out? Well, there’s nothing more eye-catching than impressive artwork on your body — and your back can serve as the perfect canvas.

Men’s back tattoos are bold and striking, and because of this, the idea of covering your back in a large tattoo can seem intimidating, but with the right placement and design, it is definitely worth it.

Not sure where to start for your back tattoo? Don’t worry, we’ve got a heap of back tattoo ideas for men, so let’s take a look!

Back Tatttoo Placements

Upper Back Tattoos

Know you want a back tattoo but not feeling ready to commit to covering your whole back? Upper back tattoos for men are a very popular option when you’re wanting more than a flash tattoo stamped on your back, but less than a large-scale masterpiece.

back tattoo 2
back tattoo 1

Upper back tattoos can sit on one side of the upper back, or can be a lovely balanced piece that begins at the base of the neck and sprawls across the back of both shoulders in a balanced manner. Common tattoo designs for the upper back can include lettering, wings, and close-up artwork design.

Quarter Back & Half Back Tattoos

Half back tattoos are generally tattoos that cover either the right side or the left side of the back, or the top half of the back — of course, this is all subject to the design and what the person getting the tattoo wants. Tattoos that only cover a quarter of the back are slightly smaller versions of half back tattoos that may cover the back of only one shoulder.

Half Back Tattoo
Corey Tattoo Artist Animal Realism Script Lion Big Back Tattoo
back tattoo 7

Half and quarter back tattoos are great for people who might want a tattoo of a scenery but aren’t keen on covering their entire back. The great thing about these sizes of back tattoos is that you don’t need to commit straight away to a full back design, but you can always add more years later (as it goes with most people who get inked, once you get started you cannot stop).

Full Back Tattoos

Maybe you’re keen to get straight to it and get that whole back covered? Maybe you’ve got a vision and you’re ready to just go for gold and make it happen?  If so, we love people like you. 

Full back tattoos allow for some much creativity and flexibility, unlike other areas of the body which can seriously limit the composition of the design.

A full back tattoo is great whether you’re wanting a close up design with lots of intricate detail, or a large scene with many elements that could help depict a story.


One particular close-detail design that is popular for many back tattoos is the close-up of a face. Being able to create a large design of a face means the artist can really hone in on every detail and help bring character and a liveliness to the face. Making the design even more interesting, the more you look closely at it.

Jake Jones Tattoo Artist Realism Egyptian Chicano Back Tattoos
back tattoo 8


Your back is the perfect spot to place a design that is of a scene. You might have a favourite scene from a movie or artwork, or you might have simply imagined a scene in your head because you like the story behind it or because it is a tribute. Regardless of what the scene is, your back is the perfect location to place the design as it gives you enough flat surface space to be able to capture every element to successfully communicate a story.

back tattoo 10

The absolute best thing about using your back as a canvas for a tattoo, is that you are filled with endless options and details that you can include. Don’t forget — back tattoos don’t need to be black and white, adding some spots of colour can really help add points of interest to the design.

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