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Amongst our ranks are several tattoo artists who do absolutely incredible cover-up tattoos. We love cover-ups so much, it’s become a specialty area of CB Ink!

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Brisbane's Cover-Up Experts

Cover-Up Tattoos Are Our Speciality!

What makes us Brisbane’s go-to shop for cover-ups?

We’re one of the only tattoo studios in Australia with a state-of-the-art, in-house laser tattoo removal service, meaning our artists are able to liaise with your laser technician to ensure just the right amount of ink is removed to ensure a perfect cover-up job.

The result is you saving a ton of cash compared to going to a traditional laser clinic, who won’t know when then skin is ready to be tattooed over!

Our super talented cover-up tattoo artists can transform the largest and least attractive design into something you’ll actually love looking at everyday!

  • Several Incredible Cover-Up Tattoo Artists

    We have several artists who do almost exclusively cover-up work, so they're extremely experienced in the nuances of this type of tattooing.

  • In-House Laser Tattoo Removal Advice

    If tattoo removal is required to get the desired outcome, our laser technicians will consult with our tattoo artists to ensure you only pay for the amount of treatments you actually need!

  • Afterpay & Other Financing Options Available

    With Afterpay and a bunch of other financing options available, you really don't need to keep putting off that cover-up job you know you deserve!

Our Cover-Ups Speak For Themselves

Check out some of our incredible cover-up tattoos below!

CB Ink Tattoo Pre Cover Up Shoulder Tattoo Photo CB Ink Tattoo Post Cover Up Shoulder Tattoo Photo
CB Ink Tattoo Pre Cover Up Back Tattoo CB Ink Tattoo Post Cover Up Back Tattoo
CB Ink Tattoo Pre Cover Up Back Tattoo 2 CB Ink Tattoo Post Cover Up Back Tattoo 2
CB Ink Tattoo Pre Cover Up Side Tattoo CB Ink Tattoo Post Cover Up Side Tattoo

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4,000+ Happy Customers

More 5-Star Reviews Than Any Other Tattoo Studio On The Planet!

If you’re still thinking of getting a cover-up tattoo done, you’re in extremely capable hands here at CB Ink.
With 100+ years of experience between our artists, plenty of Brisbane locals trust us to do amazing cover-up work for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cover-Up Tattoo Questions?

We’ve done our best to clarify everything below, but don’t hesitate to flick us a message if you need some more information!

Will the existing tattoo still be seen underneath the cover-up?

While our artists will always do their best to ensure the original tattoo is covered completely by choosing a suitable design to go over the top, sometimes the existing tattoo can still be seen underneath. Our artists will always advise if this may be the case, and suggest either laser removal or a different design to use for a cover-up if they believe the old tattoo will be visible. 

In some cases, the original tattoo will have scarring, while the tattoo is covered, the raised skin of the scar tissue can be visible through the new tattoo.

Is laser tattoo removal necessary for a cover-up tattoo?

Laser isn’t always required to get the job done, but without it you’ll be very limited as to what kinds of designs you can do.

CB Ink has one of Brisbane’s best in-house laser tattoo removal services for exactly this reason!

How big does the cover-up need to be?

As a general rule of thumb, we advise the new tattoo will need to be 3-5 times bigger than the existing tattoo. For the best results with a cover-up, if possible, the main part of the new design will be placed on fresh skin next to the existing tattoo and the existing tattoo will be hidden in the background shading.

Will any design work for a cover-up?

No, specific designs will need to be used for cover-ups. This will vary depending on the existing tattoo, however generally speaking the new design will need to be large, dark and bold to hide existing tattoos. Designs that incorporate fine line or lots of negative space (skin gaps) are generally not useable for a cover-up design.

Still not sure? We’re here to help.

We have team members sitting online all day just waiting to answer your questions!

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