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Are you a talented tattoo artist looking to join a busy studio with lots of other world-class artists?

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Why Artists Love Working At CB Ink

Why Join CB Ink?

There’s a long list of reasons why artists from all over the country are applying to join our family here CB Ink, but in a nut shell it’s because our artists love working here!

  • Fun, Clean Environment That Prioritizes Quality Work

    Our artists enjoy using state-of-the-art equipment in a clean environment that clients love. Our shop has one of the best atmospheres to work in where all artists are accepted as family.

  • We Invest In Our Artists

    We're heavily invested in the success and happiness of our artists making sure they have the freedom to do what they love most - tattoo!

  • Proximity To Incredible Talent

    We only work with the best, so if you've got what it takes, you'll be able to learn from other artists who are world-class at what they do.

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Have You Got What It Takes?

Here's What We're Looking For...

Before applying, make sure you check each of these boxes, otherwise I’m sure there’s plenty of other tattoo shops that’ll love to have you!

  • Highly Skilled Artists With A Portfolio To Back It Up

    We want experienced artists who can show us some of the amazing work they've done!

  • Willing To Work In A Busy Shop

    Our studio has 25+ seats and can get pretty busy, so we're looking for people who'll thrive in this kind of an environment.

  • Excellent Customer Skills

    Our clients love CB Ink because we provide an amazing customer experience, so we want artists who know how to really look after people.

  • Good Hygiene

    Shouldn't need much explaining.

  • Professionals Who Don't Have Time For Drama

    We want artists who work well with others, don't cause drama, and prioritize mastering their craft. This is a gossip-free environment.

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