Brisbane's Best Tattoo Artists

CB Ink has the deepest roster of any tattoo shop in the country, meaning we have incredibly talented artists specialising in every kind of tattoo you can think of! Feel free to swipe through our artists to find someone who resonates with you!

Unsure which artist to go with?

We suggest checking out our tattoos page which will help you find an artist who specialises in the particular style you’re looking for. Alternatively, flick us a message and we’ll gladly make some recommendations!

CB Ink Brisbane Tattoo Artists
Brisbane's Most Talented Artists

Specialist Artists In Every Style Of Tattoo

If you want a really amazing tattoo, you need a really amazing tattoo artist, ideally one with years of experience perfecting the intricacies of their chosen style.

At CB Ink, our team of 25+ tattoo artists has over 100 years of experience between them, across 20+ distinct styles of tattooing.

We only work with the most talented and experienced artists in the country, each of whom are dedicated professionals passionate about their craft.

  • 25+ Of The Country's Most Experienced Tattoo Artists

    Regardless of what you're looking to have done, we've likely got several artists who specialise in that exact style of tattoo!

  • World's Most Helpful Online Team

    There's nothing worse than messaging or emailing a tattoo studio and waiting days to hear back from someone. At CB Ink we have full time staff whose job it is to help you get the tattoo you're dreaming of as soon as possible. Whenever you hit us up on Messenger/IG/email, we'll usually respond within minutes. These legends know tattoos better than anyone and also know where each of our artists shine, so they can match you up with the perfect artist for the job!

  • Don't Wait Months To Be Tattooed

    Due to the depth of talent on our roster, we typically have anywhere from 3-6 artists who are capable of doing an incredible job based on your requirements, which means we'll usually have someone available and ready to go this week!

  • Discounted Rates For Our Super Talented Apprentices

    We have some really talented apprentices eager to tattoo, so we offer 15% off when you go with an apprentice. Don't worry, we'll make sure they do just as good of a job as the old-timers!

  • Brisbane's Best Female Tattoo Artists!

    It’s normal to feel a little bit nervous when getting a tattoo, particularly in areas of your body that are usually covered up, like your chest, stomach, or hip. Any of our brilliant female tattoo artists will be able to make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

  • Free Consultations 7 Days A Week

    Thinking about getting a custom piece done? Come on into the studio and have a chat with our team about your idea! We're also happy to do online consultations if that's more convenient for you.

Are you a world-class tattoo artist?

We’re always keeping an eye out for super talented tattoo artists. If you’ve got the skill, experience, and a portfolio to back it up, we’d love to show you why tattoo artists from all over the country love working out of CB Ink.

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