Brisbane Realism Tattoo Artist, Christian

With over 15 years’ experience in the tattoo industry, Christian has developed a reputation as one of the best black and grey realism tattoo artists in Queensland. Check out his portfolio and reviews below!

Tattoo Artist Christian


Christian’s expertise goes beyond mere style and detail; his clients also benefit significantly from his seasoned advice on optimal placement, appropriate size, and tailored personalisation of each tattoo.

Clients enjoy numerous advantages when getting inked by someone with such extensive experience.

For those seeking to avoid any pitfalls in getting a new tattoo and who desire a truly exceptional piece, trusting in Christian’s capable hands ensures a safe and rewarding tattooing experience. Christian is more than just a tattooist; he is a dedicated artist who prioritises safety, personal expression, and the highest quality in every project he undertakes. If you’re looking for an amazing tattoo that is both safe and artistically distinguished, Christian is the tattooist for you.

It’s the style that first drew me to tattooing and I still think it looks the most natural on skin.

I love being a dad, oil painting, listening to good music, hanging with my wife and surfing.

Clients deserve not only a quality tattoo with good technique but a supportive experience. With over 15 years in the game, I hope to offer some perspective and tips on placement, sizing and personalisation. Little things can go a long way.

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