Brisbane Anime/Cartoon Tattoo Artist, Piolo

Piolo is one of Brisbane’s most talented anime/cartoon tattoo artists who also specialises in realism and colour work. Check out his portfolio and reviews here!

Tattoo Artist Piolo


Piolo (Erwin) is a perfectionist with a sharp eye for detail, and he’s ready to turn your creativity and ideas into inked reality.

Piolo isn’t just a skilled artist, he’s also dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety, ensuring that every client receives a top-notch tattooing experience. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned collector, Piolo’s got your back.

Passionate about creating custom designs, Piolo will tailored his approach to each client, and is always eager to take on a new challenge.

Whether you’re a first-time tattoo client or someone who’s adding to their collection, Piolo is ready to work with you and create make that ink-dream a reality. So if you’re ready to get inked, book into CB Ink today for a free consultation and start planning your next masterpiece.

After working many years in an advertising agency as a designer, I retired and started illustration class, someone saw my work and invited me to enter the world of tattooing. Leaving a mark on people’s skin and hearts is what inspires me.

The first anime tattoo I did, Samurai X. A back tattoo that was never finished, but it was the one that started the pleasure of tattooing anime characters.

Because I’m a big fan of the art.

I like to learn new things, I’ve learnt a lot about history, art and great entrepreneurs. I also consume a lot of tattoo content.

They can expect a very clean job, with good lines, and above all, done with passion.

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