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Brisbane Anime/Cartoon Tattoo Artists

CB Ink is home to some of Brisbane’s most talented anime and cartoon tattoo artists, each renowned for their exceptional creativity and attention to detail. Their unique work has made them highly sought after in the industry.

Take a moment to explore our anime and cartoon tattoo specialists below. If their work catches your eye, be sure to visit their profiles to see more of their incredible art!

Learn More About Anime/Cartoon Tattoos

Anime and cartoon tattoos are a vibrant and dynamic art form that brings beloved characters and scenes to life, featuring bold lines, vivid colours, and expressive imagery.

What Are Anime/Cartoon Tattoos?

Anime and cartoon tattoos bring your favourite animated characters and scenes to life with vibrant colours and bold lines. These tattoos capture the whimsical and dynamic essence of the original art, requiring a keen eye for detail and a skilled hand to replicate the unique styles of various animation genres.

Micro Anime/Cartoon Tattoos

Micro anime and cartoon tattoos shrink your beloved characters into miniature masterpieces. These tiny, detailed tattoos often feature iconic elements and characters from your favourite shows or movies, all depicted with phenomenal precision.

Pablo Tattoo Artist Stitch Watercolour Cartoon Anime Ankle Tattoo

Perfect for those who appreciate subtlety and detail but may have limited space or prefer a more understated tattoo.

Black & Grey Anime/Cartoon Tattoos

Black and grey anime and cartoon tattoos use varying shades of black and grey ink to create striking, often dramatic renditions of your favourite characters.

Piolo Tattoo Artist Naruto Anime Cartoon Characters Forearm Tattoo

These tattoos emphasize shadows and highlights, giving depth and a unique twist to the typically colourful world of animation.

Colour Anime/Cartoon Tattoos

Colour anime and cartoon tattoos burst with vibrant ink, bringing characters to life with the same dynamism and energy found in their animated forms.

Piolo Erwin Tattoo Artist Anime Colour One Piece Luffy Leg Tattoo

Whether it’s the bright hues of a beloved anime hero or the pastel tones of a classic cartoon, these tattoos capture the full spectrum of animation’s lively colours with stunning clarity and vibrancy.

Dark Anime/Cartoon Tattoos

Dark anime and cartoon tattoos explore the eerie and more intense aspects of animated stories.

Raurie Tattoo Artist Anime Cartoon Junjiito Girl With Mask Forearm Tattoo

Perfect for depicting scenes from darker anime or gothic cartoons, these tattoos use deep blacks and meticulous shading to evoke a sense of mystery and intensity, captivating the viewer with their powerful imagery.

Anime/Cartoon Sleeve Tattoos

Anime and cartoon sleeve tattoos transform your arm or leg into a canvas for storytelling, weaving together multiple characters and scenes into a cohesive and visually striking narrative.

Erick Suarez Tattoo Artist Cartoon Superhero Batman Joker Sleeve Arm Tattoo

These sleeves can feature a mix of action-packed moments, beloved characters, and iconic imagery from your favourite animated series or movies.

Japanese Anime Tattoos

Japanese anime tattoos celebrate the unique art style and rich storytelling tradition of Japanese animation.

Piolo Erwin Tattoo Artist Anime Cartoon Colour Boy Ramen Noodles Tattoo

These tattoos often feature characters, scenes, and symbols from popular anime series, blending traditional Japanese art elements with the vibrant, expressive style of anime.

Hyper Anime/Cartoon Tattoos

Hyper anime and cartoon tattoos push the boundaries of animated art, creating designs that are so detailed and vivid that they seem to leap off the skin.

Piolo Tattoo Artist Anime Cartoon Aang The Last Airbender Avatar Back Tattoo

From the intricate details of a character’s costume to the dynamic expressions on their faces, these tattoos demand a second look and showcase the tattoo artist’s skill and attention to detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Anime/Cartoon Tattoos?

We’ve done our best to clarify everything below, but don’t hesitate to flick us a message if you need some more information!

Why are anime/cartoon tattoos considered challenging to execute?

Anime and cartoon tattoos require precision in replicating distinct styles, vibrant colours, and clean lines to capture the essence of the characters. The artist must have a deep understanding of the original artwork to accurately portray the unique expressions, proportions, and dynamic poses typical of anime and cartoons. Choosing an experienced and skilled tattoo artist is crucial to achieving the best results for these detailed and stylized tattoos.

How long does an anime/cartoon tattoo session last?

The duration of an anime or cartoon tattoo session varies depending on the design’s complexity and size. Smaller, simpler pieces might take a few hours, while larger, more detailed designs could require multiple sessions to complete.

Are anime/cartoon tattoos more painful than other styles?

Pain levels depend more on the placement of the tattoo and your personal pain tolerance. However, anime and cartoon tattoos often involve bright colours and precise linework, which might extend the tattooing time and potentially increase discomfort.

How do I care for my anime/cartoon tattoo during healing?

Proper aftercare is essential to maintain the vibrant colours and sharp details of your anime or cartoon tattoo. This includes keeping the tattoo clean, moisturized, and protected from sun exposure. Following the specific aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist will help ensure optimal healing.

Can anime/cartoon tattoos fade over time?

Like all tattoos, anime and cartoon tattoos can fade, especially if exposed to the sun frequently or not cared for properly. Using sunscreen and regular moisturizing can help preserve the vividness of the colours and the crispness of the lines.

How much do anime/cartoon tattoos cost?

Anime and cartoon tattoos generally cost more than simpler designs due to the level of detail and the time required to complete them. Prices can vary significantly based on the artist’s expertise and the complexity of the design. For more information, check out our helpful tattoo prices guide. 

What should I consider when choosing an anime/cartoon tattoo design?

When choosing an anime or cartoon tattoo design, consider your favourite characters, shows, or movies that hold personal significance. Ensure that the design is something you will be happy with long-term, and consult with your tattoo artist to adapt the artwork for the best possible tattoo outcome.

Can anime/cartoon tattoos be done in black and grey?

While anime and cartoon tattoos are often associated with vibrant colours, they can also be done in black and grey. These tattoos will maintain the distinct linework and shading that capture the essence of the original artwork, offering a unique and stylish alternative.

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